Prices and Services

I would hate to be one of those business that fills you with joy, excitement and suspense when reading about how much great work we can do together only to leave you with a 'fill in all your details for about 30 minutes and then I will come back to you with a quote' kind of form. So, I have included a guide of all my prices here so it gives you an idea of costs.

However, the majority of my customers have a bespoke package which is tailored to exactly what they want and most importantly need, so please use this as a guide and then let's chat about your bespoke quote.

We don't feel the need to lock you in, all of our pay monthly services are rolling contracts and therefore just need 28 days to cancel.

Club Acorn

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You gain access to Club Acorn when you join any pay monthly service. You get access to events, training, resources and even some useful packages in the post!


What’s Available

Social Media Management

Our social media management is all about helping you build your network, engage your following and helping your business gain vital leads.

I am very much of the opinion that by paying someone to manage your social media you should be getting value from this either by reputation building or sales (ideally both!)

We also offer advertising services that pair well with our management, this is quoted for on a per hour basis depending on the complexity of the advertisement plus the advertising costs.

Blogging & Content

Having content on your website is a must because how else are people going to know what you’re about? Content can determine how people portray your business. 

Ideally every page of your website should have 300-600 words to make Google love you, or to help improve your SEO.

In these website pages and blog posts we will include your keywords for you so Google (and other search engines) know what you want to be found for, so they can send the right traffic and audience to your website.

Branding and Design

How your business looks is really important from the start to ensure you are sending the right message to your clients. We work with you not only to create a logo but a complete brand which will become instantly recognizable and that potential clients will align with quality.

We can help with anything from complete branding to redesign and leaflets.

We also offer complete business launch solutions which includes web design and social media management. No business is too big or too small.

Website Design and Management

We specialise in E-commerce set up and stores but can create bespoke websites for any industry.

Websites not only have to be practical but also perform in the way you need it too, they should help you to to convert sales by conveying your sales and services as well as displaying your previous work to gain your customers trust.

Websites should also work in unison with any other systems you have including marketing platforms.

Business Launch & Development

Are you launching a new business? Rebranding or launching a new product? We can help oversee all or any factors associated with this to help make it a huge success.

I have years of experience in launching my own business and helping others with theirs, I can help with every element and ensure nothing is missed.

In all giving you an executive assistant and business development manager without having to employ, and once the project is done and you no longer need me, I will leave. (but I am sure you will grow to depend on me too much and love my work, sorry!) 

Other Business Services

We also provide a whole host of other business services so if you are after something specific please just contact me and we can discus. Our clients have used us to help with change management, processes and procedures, strategy and planning, design and much more. We have a great team who cover every angle.

I love to help you work on new ideas and concepts, it's what I have been doing for so long, I am passionate about businesses particularly SME's and encouraging young people into starting up a business and entrepreneurship.

My blog is a host of information so please make sure to check this out, it gives examples of past projects and breaks down how we helped each business.

Service List

Take a look at all of our services and prices. Our most popular services are listed below too!

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